I am quite passionate about learning new things and sharing that knowledge with the world. Here are some of my recent talks at various meetups, work and other events.

Unfortunately most of these contain only slides as the talking points are generally kept in my head – but I have more recently sought to keep track of those as well (depending on the complexity of the presentation).


Advanced testing of Laravel packages

This is a talk about how to setup and handle advanced integration testing for PHP composer packages written for Laravel.

GitHub repo used for examples


Laravel API Boilerplate

A talk about the API boilerplate for new Laravel projects, which I have written.


Modern Architecture Patterns with Laravel

A brief presentation about some modern architecture patterns and principles in Laravel.


Laravel 5.8 + Bonus

This version of Laravel has an uncharacteristically high amount of interesting and breaking changes, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a presentation on it.

Laravel Telescope
Telescope is a fantastic first party debugging package for Laravel – which is especially useful for API projects.
GitHub repo & talking points

Laravel 5.6
A brief talk about new features in Laravel 5.6.

e-Commerce with Laravel (Aimeos)
Aimeos is a PHP e-commerce framework, with bindings for various frameworks – including Laravel. This is a talk discussing e-commerce with PHP, and an introduction into Aimeos as well as arguments for why it’s a good choice.

How to add Laravel to legacy codebases
A talk I’ve done with Tom Somerville on adding Laravel to legacy (non-laravel) codebases.


A presentation I did at work to give people of all backgrounds an overview of blockchain technology. Suitable for people from non-tech backgrounds.

Intermittent Fasting
My thorough presentation on Intermittent Fasting – a topic I am quite passionate on!