Laravel Groupwise Max

For a project I’m working on, I really needed to do a groupwise max in Laravel. If you’re here, you likely don’t need an explanation of what that is, so much as how to actually bloody do it, so without further delay;

Let’s say that we have Actions, and we have an ActionLog, and you want to get the latest ActionLog entry for a series of Actions – determined by their “timestamp” field. You would write this:

Unfortunately there’s no way to do it without the dreaded DB::raw, but otherwise it turns out to be pretty simple.

Phunconf 5.0

Just attended Phunconf 5.0 yesterday. It was a great event with lots of very interesting discussions, however probably the most salient point I want to draw attention to is the following image.

To provide some context, at Phunconf events our tradition is to open the floor to the community to suggest topics for circle discussions. This year, all attendees were given two red circles, which they could put on any topic of their choice, in order for everyone to democratically pick the most popular topics which we would then discuss. The outcome was as follows:

Phunconf 5 Whiteboard

The two post-it notes with so many circles on them that you can’t see what’s written there, are of course Angular and Laravel.