Chrome 56 : Gamechanger for SSL

If your website has any forms related to payment or login, Google Chrome will start to present a warning to it’s users when they browse the website.

This is quite a game-changer, because the traditional rule-of-thumb is that you should use SSL when payment details are accepted, but not necessarily for any other reason (this is for your run-of-the-mill sites of course).

This might have been an unprecedented inconvenience for a huge amount of website maintainers and a huge boon for SSL sellers – however luckily Lets Encrypt has come onto the scene recently, and has now matured to a point where it’s proven to be highly reliable and robust.

I’m using it for most of my websites which do require any sort of SSL (such as this very blog!), and I highly recommend everyone who doesn’t use SSL, and is worried about the implications of this, to start using Lets Encrypt.