Laracon AU 2018 !

So happy to finally attend a Laracon – Australia’s inaugural event was actually organised by a South Australian!

Most of the talks were absolutely great, lots of new and interesting ideas. I loved the Telescope project Taylor is working on, as it will be very useful for API development where you can’t use things like debugbar.

Max & Harlan with TO at Laracon AU 2018

However most notable, the social night at Kingpin Bowling at Darling Harbour was bloody amazing! We had the place all to ourselves with tonnes of food and beer to boot. We also got the highest score in laser tag… but apparently the rules were changed in hindsight and our score didn’t count. R I G G E D

Laser Tag at Laracon AU 2018 Social Night
Beertab almost gone!
The Boyz at Laravel AU 2018