Magento Vagrant

Upon being tasked to do a Magento training session at my current company – 4mation, one of the things I wanted to do was to set up a simple standard development environment, which people can easily grab and play with.

Magento being as big as it is, at first this seemed pretty easy – and sure enough, I found around 5-10 github projects of various sorts to accomplish this. Unfortunately, I pretty quickly discovered that they all had some combination of the following problems;

  • An out of date Magento version
  • Very poor LAMP setup
  • Overly complicated and/or (usually causing) VM breaking problems

Having some experience with Vagrant previously, I decided to take the traditional approach with not liking any present projects which poorly accomplish your goal, and simply rolled my own.

After figuring out how to set up a vagrant box, getting everything working on Windows (which is forever and always a major hassle for doing anything productive), and writing a bash file to do a simple yet efficient LAMP setup on CentOS 7, I was up and running pretty quickly.

I aim to do my best to keep this repository updated as Magento itself updates, so I hope others in my situation find this useful!